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heal and manifest a vibrant new you in our 4-day Healing Magic Yoga Retreat on the stunning shores of the indian ocean
with a 5 minute walk to a private beach

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An explorative journey through the body and mind where we search for what’s hidden inside and in this awareness find ways to accept, release and liberate guided by a raw self love. Expect a mix of slow moving flows and dynamic energy movement. The aim of this series of classes is to come off the mat with more self awareness and a greater curiosity for what’s possible beyond the patterns we hold on to.


The morning meditations offers a moment of silence and appreciation for the magical environment surrounding us as we start our days.  We connect with nature and give ourselves time to listen in to our bodies and our feelings at the start of the day. A chance to gently explore your intentions for the day ahead. What do you want to bring with you and what are you ready to leave.


In this workshop we get to look at the Biomechanics of stress, the Psychology of resilience and Practical tools and techniques for self-healing. You will learn about your nervous system, and the effects of stress on your body’s functions and organs; from digestion to blood sugar levels, blood pressure to energy levels, chronic illnesses and pain, seeing the interconnectivity of the mind, brain and body. This workshop will help you put the missing pieces together to understand how burnout happens including prevention and nutrition based recovery. Most importantly you will gain access to somatic practices founded in yogic and psychological fields that are easy to use and immediately impactful.


Combining the ancient arts of Energy Healing and Divination, this workshop gives you access to the tools of magic & mystery schools. You will learn how to work with the energy body in order to heal or align blocked chakras remove and dissolve energetic chords and attachments to people, places, memories that no longer serve your highest good. You will also learn how to connect with your intuition and an introduction in Divination practice where you get to practice how to give tarot, oracle card readings as well as how to use a pendulum, through fun hands-on practicals.


Holding sacred space we shall journey into the power of our heart center and learn how to manifest through the healing and potent powers of ceremonial cacao. Subtle but powerful, cacao is a plant medicine that has been used for centuries, with the proven ability to clear blockages and residual grief from the heart, expanding our state of non-resistance. It is from this clear energy that manifesting becomes almost instantaneous. We shall set intentions, clarify our innermost desires and manifest from a place of empowerment.


Full moon’s are a time of completion, endings and release. Capitalizing on the energy of this second last full moon of the year, quantum leap into a future of your choosing through the power of ritual and gathering. This will be an excellent time to release the old and stagnant from your life, as the moon’s astrological placement amplifies any intention set to release. What’s more the combination of the fire element adds extra influence in opening a powerful portal of complete surrender. It’s time to declutter your inner world and create space for the brand new possibilities that have been looking to find you.


A structured conversation where we use the circle of life tool to explore your health and wellness situation today and in the past. It’s an opportunity to bring well known issues to the surface as well as discover new areas that could contribute to you finding a more fulfilled version of yourself. Mental, career related, physical as well as social and spiritual aspects of your wellbeing  are a few of the areas that can be covered. One talk in itself doesn’t make miracles, but by identifying new and known areas we create foundation for ideas and inspiration for what could really make a difference to flourish.

FAQ & Info
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Nyamwathi Gichau

ERTY 500 - Trauma Responsive Yoga

BA Psychology

Passionate about creating healing experiences for individuals and groups that protect each person's peace and wellbeing.

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RYT 500 - Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative

Integrative Health Coach

Passionate about finding balance and alignment in all aspects of life. Thrives on sharing her findings with others who search.

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Your self-investment during this 4-Day retreat is  Ksh 98,000 per person sharing or Ksh 128,000 per person single.

This cost includes;

 5 star luxury accommodation

 2 wholesome, healthy, organic Pescetarian & Vegetarian meals each day

 2 -3 daily Yoga and Meditation Classes

 Full moon mangrove float 

 1 Full-body Swedish Massage (or)

 1 Private Health/Wellness Assessment Consultation

 1 Divination Workshop & Materials

 1 Stress Management Workshop & Materials

 Cacao Ceremony

 Bonfire Release Ceremony

 Airport transfer from Malindi

This cost DOES NOT include;

 Flight costs or bookings

 Travel Insurance

Available at an extra fee

 Private Energy Healing sessions

Private Tarot & Pendulum readings


Early Bird Discount 

till the 1st of September 

Ksh 90,000 pp sharing or

Ksh 120,000 pp single.



Limited spots available so book early to secure your place.



WhatsApp for more details: +254 737 543 789 | +46 704 971 621

Payment details: MPESA TILL # 9683477

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