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Time to reset, relax and reconnect mind-body-spirit on the Swahili Coast.

A four (4) day festival dedicated to holistic healing hosted on the beautiful open-air waterfronts of Bofa Beach and Kilifi Creek, Kilifi North Coast (Kenya) at Salty’s KiteSurfing Village, Distant Relatives Ecolodge and 3 Degrees South.
Breathwork, meditation, aerial acrobatics, hula hoop, stand up paddle board, shamanic wisdom, laughter yoga, vinyasa flow, hatha, yin, power yoga, injury prevention and more...
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Saturday, July 24th

6:00-7:00am Sunrise HathAlign

7:15-8:15am Hula Hoop

9:00-10:00am SUP Yoga / Intro to Aerial Acrobatics

10:45-12:30pm Arm Balance Workshop

2:00-4:00pm Stress Resilience Workshop

4:30pm arrive for Dhow Cruise – Ecstatic Dance at surprise location

Sunday, July 25th

7:15-8:15am Arts & Crafts

9:00-10:00am SUP Yoga / Intro to Aerial Acrobatics

10:30-12:30pm Divination and Spiritual Coaching

2:30-4:30pm Addiction Recovery 

5:00-6:00pm Splits 

6:30pm Closing Cacao Ceremony


Thursday, July 22nd

11:00am Opening Ceremony

 12:30pm lunch at Salty’s (not included)

 4:00-5:00pm Laughter Yoga

 5:15-6:15pm Coastal Flow

 6:30-8:30pm Shamanic Wisdom – Animal Totems Workshop


Friday, July 23rd

6:00-7:00am Sunrise Stretch

 7:15-8:15am Hula Hoop 

9:00-10:00am SUP Yoga / Intro to Aerial Acrobatics 

10:30-12:30pm Injury Prevention Workshop 

2:30-4:30pm Hatha & Head Wrapping 

5:00-6:00pm Steady & Strong Flow  

6:15-7:15pm Vinyasa + Yin Yoga


Lamu Fort, Shela Island
Lamu Donkey
Feet in the Ocean
Shela Island, Lamu
Fatuma's Tower
Lamu Island
Plunge Pool at Fatuma's Tower
Meditation by the sea
Tropical Island
Bedroom at Fatuma's Tower
Tropical Island
Tropical Retreat
Lamu Dhows
Lamu Door
Lamu Dhow Eye
Lamu Donkey
Lamu Island
Palm Trees



A playful way to reconnect to the inner child, see life less seriously and cultivate joy. Elements of play, improv theatre and breathing techniques will leave you smiling from ear to ear. Although a bit uncomfortable at first until we break the habitual patterns of taking life too seriously.


Aerial Yoga combines yoga techniques of breath, alignment, flow and mindfulness. Each participant has their own silk to work from, and the suspended yoga hammock acts as an assistive device during various yoga positions to allow for greater range of movement (including some inversions).


Learn how to tap into the unseen world of animal symbolism and nature totems for guidance and insight. This workshop will  contain theory & practical exercises, as well as a spirit guide meditation, oracle card readings and a Hatha yoga session. Join us in  the re-discovery of this ancient wisdom.


This class covers the fundamentals of correct postural alignment to each yoga asana. Once these are mastered, we then take it up a notch and move into a seamless 'flow' connecting each posture to another while linking that to our breath. 


This is great for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners looking for tips to improve their personal yoga practice. You shall leave the session knowing how to self-correct and self-adjust with accessible modifications as well as connecting deeply to your mind-body awareness


A non-contact combination of Mystical Healing™ and Reiki™ chakra alignment healing techniques that remove all energetic and physical blocks to your wellbeing, success and flourishing mental and physical health.


A Body-based emotional release therapy where we delve into the world of emotion and its impact within your psyche, break and release old patterns, negative karmic cycles and heal past emotional wounds. The outcome being self-authenticity, healing, self-love and an increased capacity of choice-based freedom.

Other activities include; Opening & Closing Ceremonies • Cacao Ceremony •
Floating Meditation • Sunset Dhow Cruise •Aerial Acrobatics and more...


We shall move through a seamless flow of postures, connecting breath to movement and working up a sweat. This ‘yang’ style vinyasa practice will pump up your heart rate and give you the benefits of detoxing the organs and improving circulation while improving the functioning of the  cardiovascular system. The class will then slow down into a Yin practice allowing us to get silent and still, while we tap into the fascia (body’s connective tissue) and release trauma, stress and blocked emotions from a cellular level. 

This practice shall be accompanied by carefully curated musical soundtracks to create depth and safe space in order to go within, explore and connect with our intuition, breath and body.


Guided movement meditation - flowing through a series of simple movements and noticing the novelty in each breath and move, thereby cultivating curiosity , awareness and gratitude.
Gentle stretching of the body and the mind.


Learn about the effects of stress on the mind & body as well as valuable tools on building resiliency in times of stress. We will cover an in-depth understanding on how the brain, adrenal glands and hormones are impacted and learn techniques to turn on the body’s rest & digest response.


Learn about common yoga injuries, how to modify poses commonly used in yoga classes that can create injury if done incorrectly repetitively and how to use the breath as your ultimate guide to a long and joyous movement practice.


Do you like to play? Do you like to try new things? Do you find that sometimes being upside-down is actually the right way up? This workshop is for you. We’ll start with a warm-up that focuses on wrists, core and shoulders, then we’ll try a few standing balances before moving into arm balances. During the session we’ll experiment with different ways of coming into the poses, and have time to practice the trickier ones. Expect some tumbles and lots of laughter.


Learn how to effectively warm up your hamstrings, adductors, psoas and hips

to safely get into the splits. You will also learn how  to spot and de-activate any negative self-talk or thinking that brings blocks to exploring Hanumanasana. The workshop is designed for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners, although even if you are a complete beginner, there  will be valuable tools and skills there for you.


Do you like to play? Do you like to try new things? Do you find that sometimes being upside-down is actually the right way up? This workshop is for you. We’ll start with a warm-up that focuses on wrists, core and shoulders, then we’ll try a few standing balances before moving into arm balances. During the session we’ll experiment with different ways of coming into the poses, and have time to practice the trickier ones. Expect some tumbles and lots of laughter.


Hula Hooping is actually an ancient art-form dating back since the beginning of time, most known among the First Nation/Native American culture. Hula Hoop Flow combines hip flexibility, core strength, dynamic movement, and improve dance. Students will explore their own creativity while practicing specific hula hoop skills to the beat and rhythm of music. Most exciting: Participants will have the opportunity to select and decorate their own custom hula hoop to take home for keeps! 


Master the fundamentals of Headwrap Styling & Hatha Yoga through a Goddess-centered workshop infused with self-love  celebrating Woman's Day everywhere! Please bring your own headscarf and hand-held mirror, yoga mat and your sense of  adventure.


Take your yoga out onto the sea! Doing yoga on a surface that’s constantly in motion uses muscles you don’t often feel, and adds a different dimension to poses you may have done countless times on land. Your balance changes and perhaps your sense of humour too. SUP yoga has a playful element and falling in is part of the fun. And nothing beats savasana lying on a SUP rocking gently on the sea.



Combining the ancient arts of Energy Healing and Divination, this workshop gives you access to the tools of magic & mystery schools.


You will learn how to work with the energy body in order to heal or align blocked chakras & remove/dissolve energetic chords/attachments to people/places/memories that no longer serve your highest good. You will also get a personalized tarot & oracle card reading helping you gain clarity and understanding into any guidance you may be seeking.


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Salty's Kitesurfing Village


With beautiful tropical waters, calm lagoons and great waves out on the reef our Kitesurf center, beach bar and restaurant in Kenya is perfect for kite surfers. We cater to all kitesurfing styles, kite surfing holidays and also provide affordable accommodation to our visiting kite surfers.


At Salty’s Kitesurf Village we believe that an awesome kite surfing holiday is the product of the perfect location, yearly reliable winds on the coast of Kilifi, Kenya and all the facilities you need to enjoy your stay with us!


At our dedicated kite surfing center you can Rent Kitesurfing Equipment in Kenya or Book Kitesurfing Lessons using the latest FONE 2020 gear from our dedicated kite surfing team. We also have a Beach Bar & Restaurant in Kilifi, Kenya, accommodation, free WIFI, pool, chill-out areas, equipment cleaning, storage, rescue facilities and of course, great vibes!


In Kilifi town, only 3km away, you can soak up the local atmosphere during a stroll down the streets, visit the fresh veg market, watch the boats move up and down the creek, hang out with the locals in tea rooms and enjoy local cuisine.

We are absolutely stoked to welcome you to our little slice of Kitesurfing paradise!

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1 Day Ticket

KES 4,000

USD $40


Valid for 1 Day.

4 Day Ticket

KES 14,000

USD $100


Valid for 4 Days.


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There are only limited spots available so book early to secure your place.


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Call for more details: +254 737 543 789