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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot



This session uses a combination of tools of magic from ancient mystery schools; Tarot Cards, Oracle & Energy Cards, the Pendulum, Mediumship and Intuitive Channeling. 


During this divination session we take an in-depth look into your specific life situation, or any questions you may have for Spirit. Spirit shall provide insights and answers through guidance that comes through the cards, the pendulum and through channelled intuition.


Come with a seeking mind and be open to receive the messages that are meant for you.

Tarot Anchor


This is the perfect event for a small group of up to 6 people looking to connect with their inner Mystic and access deep Spiritual Guidance.


Our time together will flow through Rituals, Lunar-based Ceremonies, Guided Meditations and Divination using Tarot & Oracle Cards, The Pendulum, Spirit Channeling and Mediumship.


The energy of the collective amplifies intention and makes for more powerful magic. Treat yourself and your friends to this empowering, unique, adventurous and nurturing gathering. Book your Tarot Party today.

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Fumi A.
Musician & Photographer

Nyam! Thank you so much for the reading you gave me. It was definitely spot on. I took your advice and was able to communicate better with my partner. I learned a lot about myself in this new experience and I'm so glad I had you to help guide me. I was so confused and juggling a lot of emotions but the reading you gave me restored my faith in my relationship. Thank you for advising me to spend time in nature. lol I needed a lot of time to cool off when things got heated I'm not even going to lie ! ahah One love sistar! I know the ancestors and the Spirit trust you to deliver messages because what you told me was spot on.

Businesswoman at Conference

Njeri K. 
Advertising Executive

I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first time getting a tarot reading or speaking to a medium in any way. Of course I was unsure about what I would hear but Nyamwathi encouraged me to be open to the process.


What I experienced was both insightful and reassuring. There were questions I had been asking myself over the past few months and sure enough,


I got the assurance I needed from the spirit world that I am on the right path. There was a lot of doubt in my mind about the decisions I was making recently but I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my intuition has been right on the money, which was confirmed during our session.


This has given me confidence to trust the spirit world and to seek guidance whenever I feel stuck. Nyamwathi, thanks for the work you do


P.S.. Remember what you said about my throat? I just did a wonderful meditation which I haven't done in several several months.. Felt really connected to that Higher energy.. It felt fantastic.. Connecting with that energy felt invigorating! But the interesting thing? Just as I finished, my throat started to ache.. I felt it even though haven't been feeling an ache minutes before.. Very very interesting.. There is definitely a message there.. Thank you again 🤗

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Hannah R. 
Communications Specialist

I've used tarot for journaling and guidance for a while, but I've never connected with a reader like I do with Nyamwathi.  I love her intuitive reading style. I find that it's great post-yoga as it feels very intentional and focused. Thanks for sharing your gift!

Smiling Portrait

Tannie S. 

I had a private session with Nyamwathi. So far I had no experience with it, but I was really looking forward to it.


Nyamwathi has a great vibe and I felt comfortable and in good hands straight from the beginning. It was an exciting journey, from the past and the present and also into the future.


She explained everything to me in a very understandable and detailed way and really everything resonated with me. I felt understood, felt feelings of happiness and got answers.


The answers were already in me, but everyone knows how it is, you like to close your eyes and stay in the

comfort zone.


Not anymore, I have no more excuses, I will be active. Thank you Nyamwathi for the unique experience.


Clio P. 

I smelled the incense, I took a big breath and choose the cards that where calling me ... an entire new world appears in front of my eyes: the past, the present, the future. Who I am, who I was, who I want to be. It was a journey into a new dimension, that gave me a deeper awareness of my life.

Image by Isaiah McClean

Nancy G.
Microsoft Developer

The person: Nyamwathi exudes calmness and grounded-ness. Her spirit felt homely. She’s warm & kind, and speaks gently but with conviction.


The work: I believe she’s very in tune with the energy of the universe, because everything she said resonated deeply. She acted as a great medium to my guides and I received a lot of clarity on what to do and how to feel. I’ve sincerely felt more connected to my spiritual team since. I was also able to reach my belated younger brother who is my best friend. We talked and I could literally feel him in the session.. he promised to visit and take a guess what my dream was about that very day. Hahah, yup!


Post session: Nyamwathi has been genuinely concerned with my spiritual well-being and has continued to share resources.


I confidently very highly recommend Nyamwathi for any divinity sessions. She’s been very instrumental to my healing & spiritual journey since we met.

Shadow Portrait

Paloma M. 

It was my first card reading and first session with Nyamwathi.


She is a warm and calming person that automatically put me at ease. Most of the things she shared really resonated with me and the questions/challenges I am currently facing in my life - and she gave clear recommendation to take on.


It was a short 30mins session but she took the time to share a lot and answer all my questions despite going in overtime.


I left the session with clear advices to focus on. Overall a great first experience! Thank you ☺️

Reiki Anchor


Therapy Room


A 1 hour energy-healing session where hands are placed above or very lightly on different key points on the body in a non-invasive technique. These sessions are good for aligning the body’s energy centers, healing health related issues, alleviating chronic pain and & dissolving energetic chords and attachments.


A 1 hour energy healing & diagnostics session that uses psychic diagnosis with the ancient art of energy healing to scan your bodies systems (nervous, digestive, circulatory, skeletal) internal organs, meridians and energy centers to identify and treat misalignments and imbalances. 

Reiki Treatment

Vanessa L.
Yoga Teacher

When I met Nyamwathi at the Lamu retreat, I connect with her at the first sight as the tone of her voice and the visualisation exercise she guided us through was an amazing experience . Then I took a personal appointment with her for my first reiki experience.


I was not sure at that time what to expect. Then at the beginning, each time I felt a warm feeling on one part of my body and an energy flowing, I literally double-checked with Ly own eyes to make sure I was not dreaming. And each time I checked each time Nyamwathi’s hands was here to canal out my energy. After a while, I stopped checking and let it go completely.


I could feel energy flowing through some parts of my body as well as releasing tension - after the session, I felt lighter in my heart, my body was relaxed and I was at peace.

Woman Artist

Mirey Y.

You know I was actually thinking of you yesterday as my feet started warming up and revving a bit like my hands did during our session together.


No one has ever been able to explain that to me before you. Thank you.

Woman with Head Scarf

Camilla H.
UN Consultant

I am headed for the airport now but wanted to tell you that I went into the sea and performed the ritual you

channelled for me.


Just when I finished the sky cleared and the sun came through 🌞 Leaving with a much lighter heart and better energy!


Thank you 🙏 for your support and for being such a generous source of knowledge and inspiration. ❤️

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