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Private & Group Yoga Classes

Personalized Holistic Yoga classes that incorporate breathwork (pranayama), meditation, mindfulness and


Each class highlights the details of proper alignment with emphasis on

the benefits correct internal ‘feel’ of each asana (posture), increasing

body-mind control, awareness, breath, focus and muscle tone.

Yoga Pose
Image by Brooke Lark

Corporate Wellness Programs & Events

Bespoke workplace wellness programs designed to increase the health and productivity of employees while decreasing the cost of employer-provided health care.


These Wellness programs lower health care costs, reduce absenteeism, increase focus and productivity, reduce injuries and disability-related costs, improve morale and loyalty and build mental, emotional and physical fitness.


The programs cover a holistic view on equipping one with valuable tools and skills for better physical & mental health by incorporating a wide range of practices; psychology, yoga, tai chi, qi-gong and nutrition.

Stress Resilience Coaching

Gain an in-depth understanding on how the brain and body are impacted by stress.

Learn valuable tools & techniques on building resiliency.


Understand your personal triggers & how to reprogram your stress response.


& Yoga

Holistic Treatment for Depression & Anxiety - YogaAlchemy™ programs combine Yoga/Psychotherapy/Lifestyle Coaching/Nutrition to transform individuals from hurting to healing on multiple holistic levels.


The programs are tailored to individual needs and are a blend of traditional yogic practices & philosophies with modern psychology & therapy.

Divination & Spiritual Coaching

This session uses a combination of tools of magic from ancient mystery schools; Tarot Cards, Oracle & Energy Cards, the Pendulum and Intuitive Channeling. 

During this divination session we take an in-depth look into your specific life situation, or any questions you may have for Spirit. Spirit shall provide insights and answers through guidance that  comes through the cards, the pendulum and through channelled intuition. Come with a seeking mind and be open to receive the messages that are meant for you.

Image by Edz Norton
Reiki Treatment

Energy Healing

This session is a combination of Mystical Energy Healing the ancient art of Japanese USUI SHIKI RYOHO Reiki 
A 1 hour energy-healing session where hands are placed above or very lightly on different key points on the body in a non-invasive technique. These sessions are good for aligning the body’s energy centers, healing health related issues, alleviating chronic pain and & dissolving energetic chords and attachments.

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