Nyamwathi Gichau is an Experienced Internationally Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RTY 200) with over 1,000 Hours teaching experience. Her styles include Creative Vinyasa Flow, Alignment Based Hatha, Office Yoga & Yin Yoga.


She is also a certified KinAesthetic® and Reiki® Therapist with a BA in Psychology. Each of her classes incorporate a holistic approach to union (yoga) using breathwork (pranayama), mindfulness, energy healing, aromatherapy and meditation.


Nyamwathi has been practicing different styles of yoga for over 14 years exploring the worlds of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga, Baptiste (Power) Yoga, Bikram (Hot) Yoga, Kundalini, Kemetic Yoga and Yin Yoga. She studies and practices in both East and West Africa, shuttling between Francophone Senegal and Anglophone Kenya.


Nyamwathi’s vision is to be a healer and teacher in service to others, helping transform and restore physiological and psychological wellbeing through the gift of yoga. Her passion for self-discovery and healing led her to be the Founder of Indigo Wellness® and Goddess Wraps® ; serving as a platform for self-love, wellbeing and recovery after trauma and abuse through nature-based healing retreats, holistic therapy programs and headwrap styling. 

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Creative Vinyasa Flow

Sequences designed to turn a 60 minute asana practice into a sacred and transformative dance. Gracefully and mindfully linking each inhale and exhale to the power of posture, this practice invigorates the body, creating heat as well as core strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and improved focus. 


Alignment-based Hatha

Yoga poses carefully curated to target the regeneration of the Spinal Chord (Spine), improving overall health and decreasing stress. Each class will highlight the details of proper alignment through varied yoga postures, with emphasis on the correct internal ‘feel’ of each asana,  increasing body-mind control, awareness, breath, focus and strength.




Candle-Lit Yin  

Yoga Sequences taught in candlelight, allowing one to fully access the power of one’s inner world, receptivity and surrender. Each posture is relaxed into rather than actively held, for a few minutes. The practice is excellent for when one would like to balance the activity (yang energy) of a bustling day with grounded and relaxed ‘yin’ energy.



A Vinyasa-Hatha fusion sequence specifically designed to dramatically decrease stress, create inner & outer strength, increase mental clarity and efficiency, as well as alleviate chronic symptoms that occur from prolonged sitting. We focus on realigning posture, strengthening the lower back, core and wrists, while incorporating breathwork and meditation to decrease cortisol, stimulate the adrenal glands and increase serotonin production.


Collaboration & Press

Studio Requests


Individual  & Group Classes



Nyamwathi is amazingly kindhearted and caring in every way which you will see wonderfully reflected in her yoga classes. I was only able to take classes for about three months but it was just the inspiration I needed to pursue my own training to become a yoga teacher. She made me feel safe and courageous to go deeper in my practice and to trust in my body.
Starting with a session to discuss your own wants and needs, the classes are adjusted to suit you and help you reach your own personal goals. Because of the private one-on-one sessions you really get the extra attention to proper and safe alignment that I don’t feel you get in a bigger class setting.
I learned so much about the benefits of different poses and, which was absolutely freeing for me, realized that every body is unique and moves in different ways. This means that stretches don’t look the same for everyone and that, in fact, some people are not able to move in certain ways. This really gave me more confidence in my own strengths and abilities as opposed to what yoga is “supposed” to look like. I can’t thank you enough, Nyam, you’re an absolute inspiration.

Maria Helmrich

I always feel like I get more than what I paid for! Yoga with Nyamwathi has been transformational to my practice and to my own actualizing the benefits of yoga to my daily life (finally!). Nyamwathi is a wonderful teacher and I love how she incorporates subtle and yet powerful meditative practices to her classes that simply elevate the classes to a whole other level. I hadn't really had one on one yoga classes before Nyamwathi and I couldn't recommend her classes more! I truly feel like I am receiving more than I bargained for! Her playlists are also a lovely bonus and I am constantly looking forward to my classes with her!

Deman Mohamud

Nyamwathi is an amazing yoga teacher. Her lessons are always thoughtfully put together and designed to make you feel better (every time!), whether you’re tired or anxious or restless or in need of a more physical workout. And her in-depth knowledge of different types of yoga and how the body and mind work together means she can adapt her lessons to give you just what you need. I’ve seen and felt my own improvement with every session. Thank you, Nyamwathi!

Kirsten Smith

I’ve had somewhat of a love-hate relationship with yoga since I first began practicing 4 years ago. I had previously been a solo practitioner, learning through YouTube videos and making some quality progress in the process.
However and inevitably, I kept arriving at my version of the "yogis block”. My progress was always stifled by the underlying imbalances in my body that I was unable to correctly diagnose and self-prescribe treatment for. After toiling away for so long and nursing the same injuries through my day to day life, this also restricted my ability to pursue long term exercise programs due to a variety of limiting factors.
Nyam has been a revelation to my practice and has helped me surpass these plateaus and learn so much about how not only the body works, but also the mind. I finally feel free of the tension that has underlied so much of my experience of life thus far and that’s mostly thanks to her.

Gibrael Teja

I found Nyamwathi by chance when my previous yoga instructor left Kenya. It was absolutely wonderful crossing paths with her as she is an excellent instructor and teacher. She works to customise her sessions for each of her clients and helps strengthening and enlivening the body to become healthier.
I have recommended Nyamwathi to many of my clients and have only heard amazing feedback.  Not only does she practice and teach Hatha yoga which is truly a pure form, she is also experienced in ashtanga, vinyasa and yin yoga practices. 
If you're looking for a great yoga instructor, look no further...she's right here!!

Tazim Elkington

With my long days at work, this is a welcomed practice that everyone should take time to do for their own well-being. You can only love others if you love yourself.

Rehema Chege

Nyamwathi really understands the mechanics of the body and uses this understanding to design creative sequences that fit the needs of her students. Within two weeks of working with her I felt noticeable relief in my lower back and have continued to make progress since then!
She also imparts interesting and insightful bits of information and philosophy both related and unrelated to yoga.
Above all else, yoga with Nyams is fun and I look forward to every session!

Mikhail Teja

The lessons are what I have been looking for, for a long time without even realizing it. I look forward to every class, and encourage all my friends to join – even the men! 

Valentine Ngeny


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