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Come wrap yourself in some well-earned love with our 3-day Goddess RisingWellness Retreat on the magical island of Lamu.


Lamu Island

Travel back to a time before the automobile, there you will find the lifestyle lived by the inhabitants of Lamu Island. Located just off the Kenyan coastline, this archipelago is one of the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa.


Streets so narrow that no cars are permitted on the island, everyday commute is by foot, boat or donkey. Lamu Town is dotted with a wide array of specialist shops, with culture, architecture and artifacts that excite art & antique buffs from all over the world. Get lost in the swahili-architectured winding alleys and escape to beautiful soft sandy deserted beaches. 

The island has earned worldwide recognition in being a top destination for Yoga and Wellness Festivals and Retreats. The annual Lamu Yoga Festival is cited as one of the Top 5 Yoga Festivals in the world. On top of this, there are exciting and unique cultural and art festivals held all year round.

Lamu Fort, Shela Island
Lamu Donkey
Feet in the Ocean
Shela Island, Lamu
Fatuma's Tower
Lamu Island
Plunge Pool at Fatuma's Tower
Meditation by the sea
Tropical Island
Bedroom at Fatuma's Tower
Tropical Island
Tropical Retreat
Lamu Dhows
Lamu Door
Lamu Dhow Eye
Lamu Donkey
Lamu Island
Palm Trees



A 1 hr sequence designed to awaken the sacral, solar plexus, heart and 3rd eye chakras/energy centers, allowing one to completely align with their divine feminine energy.


A 1 hr sequence designed to restore feminine balance to counter the masculine Yang energy within us through receptivity focused flows focusing on alignment and the art of surrender. 


Master the art of tying and styling a Head Wrap / Turban, get in touch with your inner Queen-Dom, tap into your inner Goddess and reclaim your right to SHINE!


Interactive and self-reflective series of sessions where you uncover deep truths and limiting beliefs, replace them with positive affirmations, learn new empowering tools to honor your heart, body, mind and spirit, vision-board, intention setting, mindfulness and gratitude. These sessions are a mixture of work and play, as we constantly shift between the yang ‘adult’ self and the ‘yin’ inner child, creating a unifying blend of both aspects of the self.


A non-contact combination of Mystical Healing™ and Reiki™ chakra alignment healing techniques that remove all energetic and physical blocks to your wellbeing, success and flourishing mental and physical health.


A Body-based emotional release therapy where we delve into the world of emotion and its impact within your psyche, break and release old patterns, negative karmic cycles and heal past emotional wounds. The outcome being self-authenticity, healing, self-love and an increased capacity of choice-based freedom.

Other activities include; Goddess Circle Ceremony • Bonfire Burning Ceremony •

Sunset Meditation (Day 1: Sea of Ohm’s at Ancient Ruins; Day 2: Sunset Dhow Meditation;  Day 3: Dynamic Dancing Meditation)• Turtle Hatching*** •Floating Bar Excursion

Retreat Schedule


Fatuma's Tower

Barefoot Boutique Accommodation & Yoga Retreat in Shela | Lamu Island, Kenya

Carefully restored and modified in 1998 the historic Tower has five double bedrooms and a large yoga hall.


Behind the same compound wall is the Sand Castle with it’s ground floor family apartment of three double rooms.

In the surrounding gardens, the Garden Cottage has two double rooms both with bathrooms.

The ten double rooms are all furnished with local antiques and fabrics in a simple yet elegant style to recreate the atmosphere of a fine Swahili house. No two rooms are the same and the cool, airy spaces retain an informal feel while several shaded balconies provide comfortable areas for avoiding too much sun and generally enjoying the peace and fresh air.

The peaceful gardens have been recently “ enlivened” by the refreshing sound of a fountain splashing over coral rocks into a small plunge pool.

All rooms have solar powered hot water, fans and mosquito nets.

For more details visit


The cost for this 3-Day, game-changing retreat is only Ksh 40,000 per person.


This cost includes;

 FULL BOARD accommodation for 3 nights in shared rooms

 Airport transfers from Manda airport

 3 wholesome, healthy, organic Pescetarian & Vegetarian meals each day

 2 daily Yoga Classes

 1 daily Meditation Session

 1 GoddessWraps® Headwrapping Session

 1 Full-body Massage

 1 Energy Healing Session

 2 Self-Love Workshops & Materials

 1 Oracle Card Reading Session

 1 KinAesthetic™ Therapy Session

 Takwa Ruins Excursion Entry Ticket

 Goddess Ceremonies

This cost DOES NOT include;

 Flight costs or bookings

 Travel Insurance





There are only 8 spots available for very special Goddesses,

so book early to secure your place.



Call for more details: +254 737 543 789

Payment details: MPESA +254 706 100 764 

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